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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Georgia Dome, Atlanta (Panoramic)

Finally, my first meaningful post ! Guess what ? I couldn't find the time to look for that particular picture I was referring to earlier, but I had some other files on my computer, so let's put those up first !

If I remember correctly, this is the first ever panoramic image I did. It was shot at the Georgia Dome, during the Rams vs. Falcons NFL Game, in September of 2004, and it consists of 5 pictures. Back then I didn't know much about photography, let alone panoramic images, so I used my friend's all-automatic, 3-MP (yeah... 3-MP!! remember it was shot in 2004) point and shoot camera, without a tripod, without locking exposure or anything. Given the circumstances, I think the result is OK but I had to start all over with the stitching 3 times, first trying to use the software bundled with the camera (forget about it), then trying to do it all in photoshop (I gave up pretty quickly :p), before I finally found out about Hugin, an open-source GUI for Panorama tools... Thank god ! I stitched with Hugin, then exported to psd with masks, and then I had to redo all the masks because that's the one area where hugin and other tools can't be trusted (even with still images, there are issues to address, so forget about pictures with moving people and objects).

This was my first try, so I'm pretty happy about how it turned out, but I definitely need to go back and shoot some more, now that I have a decent DSLR to work with (more on that later) and a little bit more experience !


Nicolas said...

J'ai la miniature accroché dans ma Chambre!!
Thxxx Seb.

Sebchang said...

Ahah c'est vrai que je t'avais filé un print, j'avais zappé ;)

Faudra que je te le dédicace un jour quand même ! :)

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