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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let's get started

Hey ya'll, welcome on this blog. I've had this address locked up for a while now, making sure noone could steal my nickname away from me (yeah there is another 'sebchang' around.. damn him!) but I had yet to get it started. Actually, I had yet to decide if I were to get it started at all someday... After all, who would want to check in here and read about me or whatever I would say ? I'm still not so sure about that, but I was like "hey, let's just do this, and we'll see... "

Something that pushed me a little bit closer to actually starting the blog, was that I've been more and more interested in photography, video editing, and digital creation as a whole, so that I was thinking about what I should do with those projects I have in the back of my mind, when I actually find the time to get the work done. Plus, I have been postponing most of them, being busy with sports taking up a good amount of my free time, and daily stuffs, so this is gonna be another motivation to spend more time on these projects.

So, basically, this blog is primarily intended as a place for me to leave something behind, sooner or later, and hopefully get some feedback on it. Well, assuming somebody will come here ! Until then I guess I'll just throw in some links I'd like to share with you, instead of emailing 20 persons. If something of interest happens in my life, this would be a good place to tell about it. If I ever get back to singing in a band, rest assured you'll hear about it here too :) Yeah you get the point, come back here and you'll see by yourself !

PS: Having some non-french speaking friends and being absolutely positive about the fact that this blog will eventually get huge attendance all over the world (nah.. not really, but who knows :p), I figured I would write in english. I'm no bilingual, but I do like writing in english, and I hope most of you fellow frenchmen will at least understand most of it. If you see some mistakes, it's (generally) not on purpose, so please let me know, don't be an accomplice to my ignorance !

Enough said, see you on the other side !

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your bother said...

Not too bad for a beginning...;-)

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