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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daiba / Tokyo Bay (Panoramics)

I got a few more panoramics that I did some time ago to put up... Here are two of them shot in Tokyo when I had the chance to go visit a friend there, back in 2005. We spent 3 weeks mostly in Tokyo, at his place, except for a few days in Kyoto, and went on for a few day trips away from Tokyo with the Shinkansen (the japanese high speed train). Took a bunch of pictures, some of them worth a look, so I'll probably post them someday.

The first one is a view of Daiba, with the Rainbow Bridge that connects it to Tokyo on the right. Daiba, a man made island built in the Tokyo Bay, is like a mini seaside resort, with beaches, bars and restaurants, a shopping center, a big ferris wheel and the huge convention center building. We only spent a day there, skating and walking around but it seemed like it would definitely be a nice place to hang out.

The second one is a 180° (or so) view of the Tokyo Bay, shot from that same bridge but on the other side... We decided to walk back from Daiba to Tokyo (it's only a 30 minutes walk) and the view is beautiful. On the left of the picture, you can spot the Tokyo Tower, which is a replica of Paris' Eiffel Tower, only a few meters taller !

Quality on both of those pictures is pretty disappointing, but that's what setting a 2003 camera (a coolpix 4300 to be exact) to 400iso will do for you :(. Concerning the panoramics, I'm too lazy to go get the .psd file and tell you for sure, but it's probably like 5 or 6 pictures stitched together with Hugin, with all the masks and the blending edited on photoshop. I guess that's a good thing I can't really tell from the panoramic how much pictures I used ;)
Just like the previous post, I can't wait to go back there with my new DSLR to take better pictures !

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