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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random London || 2012 London Trip

Closing the curtain on this 2012 London Trip series
with some random London pics that didn't fit within any other post :)

Enjoying Sun & Breakfast at Stansted Airport, waiting for my flight back to France
and thinking to myself... "Can It Be All So Simple ?" London, I'll be back !!

Notting Hill Carnival || 2012 London Trip

I wasn't particularly inspired that day, and I was actually more concerned with the growing pain in my back than anything else, so I wasn't gonna post any pictures that I wasn't really satisfied with, but hey, it's Notting Hill Carnival !
I heard about it so many time before, and I probably won't attend it again anytime soon,
so I guess it deserves a few pics anyway...

Bishopgate Area || 2012 London Trip

WindowShopping || 2012 London Trip

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