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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The mysterious man of NDG


Sometimes, you just notice someone and for some reason,
you're fascinated and you keep on starring at that person.
That day, I had my camera and snapped these two pics of that man.


2 years later, I'm back at Notre Dame de la Garde, this time for a workout with some friends,
when I see the same guy, sitting at the same place, looking just as focused as the first time I saw him.
Didn't have my camera, but luckily enough I had my smartphone to take some more pics of him.


I've had this post in mind for a long time, as soon as I took this second set of pics actually,
but I finally dig in my old pics to find the 2010 pics, and put it together.

I don't know who that guy is, what is story is, why he sits there, or what his thoughts are,
but I also like the mystery around him, and I'll sure look out for him next time I go up there.

!! 2013 UPDATE !!

Right after I posted this on facebook, I learned that this guy is actually a basketball player by the name of Charles Jones, who once was drafted by the NBA's Atlanta Hawks & NFL's Dallas Cowboys.
A friend of mine already told me about him a couple times as he ended up playing here,
in Marseille, for the SMUC, but I didn't know how he looked like.
Then I found out that other people also noticed him at different locations around Marseille,
and they all had the same fascination for the character he is.
Now I can't wait to meet him again and show him the pictures and ask him to tell me his story,
and hopefully set up a shooting ?

!! 2013 UPDATE # 2 !!

I finally met the guy ! I was buying some groceries the other day when I noticed him in front of the line, so I went to him and told him the story, unfortunately I didn't have the pics on my phone to show them.
Gave him my card so that he can email me if he wants but it didn't seem like he would, and I haven't had any news yet. Anyway, as expected, he's a very sweet guy, and you can tell he went through a lot.

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