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Saturday, April 16, 2011

When All Else Fails...

... There's music.

As is often the case, I had a title in mind, but no particular photo to attach to it.
One would think it'd be the other way around for a so-called photographer,
you've got a nice pic, and then you look for a title that suits it well,
but strangely enough - since I'm not really a reader anymore, much less a writer -
my posts are often birthed from the title.
I've got these meaningful sentences in my head, sometimes just words, 
that I like to write down or whisper. Or shout... :)

For whatever reason, I had this one in mind tonight... "When All Else Fails"...
And the rest of the sentence came flowing naturally,
because of the importance of music to me, as 'The Great Escape' it can be,
when you just want to close your eyes and let the emptiness embrace you.

That's for the mindset, but that's not enough,
I needed a pic and I didn't feel like shooting something to illustrate that,
so I was thinking it through when I remembered that pic.
It was back in 2003, with my first ever digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 4300,
on a train ride back home for the holidays.
As you can see on the pic, I was about to start studying the user manual,
because I didn't know much about aperture, speed and that kind of stuff back then,
but I did shoot this one before reading anything.
Came out pretty good, right ?
Actually I think it's pretty much one of my first pic taken with an 'artistic' purpose,
 after years of using disposable cameras to shoot friends and various events.

I've always loved this pic, for the pic itself,
but obviously for the story behind it, at least as much as anything else !  

So I had to post it someday, and tonight seemed like a pretty good opportunity... 

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