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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

I was driving around, coming back from a quick skate session at the Gardanne Ditch, when i spotted that big factory, hidden behind a wall of trees. The name of the yet-to-exist post immediately came to my mind, because of that paradox between the fountain and the flowers in the foreground and the factory in the back.
What I didn't know yet was that there was way more to it than just a couple shots... I went around, then inside the train station, and followed the railroad, stopping every 2 meters in awe because of a train car, railroad stuff, or that fascinating factory behind the fences... A couple hours later, my first real photoshoot since I moved to Southern France was in the books, and I was heading back home, with a satisfied mind...
I'm probably weird in some way, but I can't help finding that beautiful...
What do you think ?

More shots here :

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