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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catching up in progress / Change of plans

I haven't had much time lately for the blog, even though I had things to blog about... Sounds familiar, uh !? Anyway, I'll try and get back at it more regularly, but It might not happen in the near future... More on that later, but until I explain why, I'll just post some of the things I would have liked to post these last few weeks...

As for the purpose of this blog, I've changed my mind a little bit.... It was supposed to be a photography-driven blog, but obviously I have not been able to post pictures regularly. And even if I could, I'm currently considering signing up for a pro flickr account, or something similar, allowing me to have unlimited bandwidth and storage space, and have people checking / commenting my pictures more easily than on a blog... If you have any recommendation about such a photo sharing service, let me know. A free one would be better, but the flickr pro account is only $25 a year, so it's pretty reasonable, and it might be the best deal out there.

The blog would then only serve as a 'news' blog, allowing people to stay up-to-date with what's going on in my life, be notified of pictures update on that potential flickr account, and share whatever comes to mind...

Be right back !

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